Fashion shoots are not as easy as just having a model pose and pressing the shutter. It will take a lot of meetings and research to determine the concept, the mood of the shot, what kind of lighting effects, colors for clothes, make-up, shoes, and accessories to use, getting the right creative team from hair and make-up to stylists, and finally the right look of the model to get for the campaign.

Well all that happens in a perfect world. But the usual case is, a limited amount of time to do all that and still get the shots in the can so to speak.

I got the call to do this project on a Sunday, and the shoot was scheduled for Wednesday that week. This was for the launch of Miranda Konstantinidou‘s 2012 Resort/Cruise collection for the Berlin Fashion Week. I met up with Miranda the day after the call to discuss details for the shoot. And while she took on the task of getting the models and finding the rest of the creatives, I was putting together the lighting and gear I need for the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, as I normally do, I show up early to set up and prepare. The models Xamira and Alina from Elite Manila, were flying in for the day but were running a little late because of a delayed flight. Nevertheless, the make-up room was ready to take them in. The clothes were meticulously sorted out with their matching accessories and placed on mannequins nearby.

Once the models arrived, after having their breakfast, I did some test shots on them for hair and make-up. After a few minutes of tweaking, they stepped out wearing the dresses. It looked phenomenal. The colours were vibrant.

We were all efficiently running like a well oiled machine that once I had a small window of opportunity, I was able to convince Miranda for a portrait with her mother who was watching all this commotion from a distance. The hair and make-up artist was quick on his feet to fix their hair in a chignon and dab a little of powder and lipstick. They looked natural and elegant. To be able to shoot the mother and daughter within a mere five minutes was a much welcome break for me.

We were practically shooting for the entire day and had to extend a little in the early evening. We all ended the day using up all our creative juices. I was exhausted, but it is was all worth it.


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